Classic Grey Bra
Classic Grey Bra
Classic Grey Bra
Classic Grey Bra
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Classic Grey Bra

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The Classic bra is an essential for the everyday, modern mom. Made from super soft organic cotton, provides supreme comfort and functionality without restriction. Features a clip at the top which can be easily unfastened with one hand only. Designed to adapt flexibly to your changing bust size, before and after pregnancy.

  • 90% organic cotton and 10% elastane
  • Maternity clip at the top with one hand unfastening
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and supportive underband with no underwires
  • Wide back band for extra support and security
  • Buttery cotton fabric that stretches to allow for size fluctuations
  • Double layer of cotton for a padded feel
  • Made in Portugal

* Every order comes with a reusable bag made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

(Andreia is 8 months pregnant and wears size 36B).

    "Maravilhoso!!! Aconselho a todas as mulheres, mães ou não, grávidas ou nem por isso!!!"

    "Wonderful!!! I would recommend it to all women, mothers or not, pregnant or not!!!"

    Sara K

    É perfeito. Nunca usei soutiens assim. 29 semanas e um conforto extraordinário. À espera de poder mandar vir mais uns quantos porque já não vou comprar outra coisa!"

    "It is perfect. I have never worn bras like this before. 29 weeks and extraordinary comfort. I am waiting to order more because I will not be buying anything else now!"

    Joana M.

    "Agora sim, sinto-me confortável e segura e percebo o quão confortável é em relação aos outros que usei"

    "Finally, I feel comfortable and supported and I realize how comfortable it is comparing to the other ones I wore before!"

    Catarina B.

    "Melhor que a expectativa!"
    "Better than the expectation!"

    Sara S.

    "Recebi o meu Organic e foi a melhor coisa que já comprei. Sou enfermeira e é um conforto total usá-lo!"

    "I just received my Organic and it was the best thing that I have ever bought. I'm a nurse and I feel so comfortable wearing it!"

    Gabriela J.

    "Confesso que é o soutien mais confortável que alguma vez comprei. As maminhas ficam lindas. Já aconselhei a todas as minhas amigas. É sem dúvida espetacular. Parabéns!"

    "I confess it is the most comfortable bra I have ever bought. I have recommended it to all my friends. It is undoubtedly spectacular. Congratulations!"

    Maria J.

    "Já estou a usar o Organic que comprei e é um SONHO. Nem sinto que estou a usar soutien. Maravilhoso!"

    "I am already using the Organic that I bought and it is DREAMY. I don't even feel I am wearing a bra. Wonderful!"

    Mariana G.